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About Us

Bambucluster is leading and redefining the way we solve & deliver on technology challenges faced by digital businesses today.

The genesis of Bambucluster was motivated by research that was conducted in the first half of this decade on the major technology challenges being faced by small to medium sized businesses across the world. Our research indicates that they are constantly being motivated to take advantage of the emergence of alternative computing models (software-as-a-service, cloud-based infrastructures, mobile computing), search engines, and social media platforms while being challenged with harnessing ever-increasing data volumes and with securing the technology footprint enabling their businesses.




"Bambucluster was born on the Cloud, we engage, collaborate and operate over the Cloud. We can help with your digital transformation as we live it every single day"



The team at Bambucluster has cut its teeth solving some of the most daunting technology challenges faced in a variety of organizational settings. These collective real world experiences inform each one of our engagements to produce superior business outcomes. Every member of the team brings to bear several years of experience with market-leading technology providers/vendors.

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