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Bambucluster’s offerings can be categorized into 4 “pillars” that reflect the most pressing technology challenges facing small & medium sized businesses today. In each of these offerings, Bambucluster brings to the table a portfolio of proprietary frameworks and market tested ecosystems to deliver optimal solutions to the challenge at hand.
Moving the business to the Cloud


Our offerings provide counsel & oversight to help businesses make optimal choices around their technology footprint enabled by alternative models of delivering applications and infrastructure. Upon mutual agreement on a vision for the future, Bambucluster brings to bear its ecosystem of technology providers to deliver on the vision. More ->



Harnessing intrinsic & extrinsic data


Our offerings address the challenges that businesses face today in effectively managing and harnessing data that is both intrinsic to the business and extrinsic to the business to drive better business outcomes. More ->



Digitalizing the business


Our offerings in this pillar focus on assisting businesses with leveraging the benefits of digital & social media to drive the transformation of the sales, marketing & customer service functions and secondarily of the human resources, procurement functions. More ->



Securing the business


Our offerings in this pillar address challenges faced by businesses in securing their technology footprint, their customer data and their transactions with their stakeholders (customers, employees, investors and partners). More ->



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