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Moving the business to the Cloud

Over the last decade, there has been a tectonic shift in IT solution delivery from on-premise deployment to cloud-based offerings. Cloud adoption has gained traction as organizations of all sizes realize real-world benefits such as scalability, cost efficiencies and better application performance on the cloud. The Cloud is now a critical part of the IT infrastructure for organizations. 


Migrating to the Cloud can bring significant rewards but like any transformational change, organizations face multiple challenges in the migration process. To move to the Cloud and realize maximum benefits, organizations need to craft a robust cloud strategy with a clear roadmap, assessing the risks and supported by contingency plans. Bambucluster in concert with our partner ecosystem can advise on cloud migration strategies and help select solutions from multiple vendors while addressing critical issues such as budgets, regulatory compliance, performance and security.


Click here to schedule a 15 minute call and let us help accelerate your Cloud adoption.


Our proprietary DX4 (Discover > Diagnose > Design > Deploy) approach will provide you recommendations around potential deployment options with one or more of our partners – Amazon, Microsoft, Oracle and SingleHop, to name a few. Our diagnostic is based on a comprehensive framework that includes a rigorous risk evaluation and a TCO/ROI analysis to arrive at a roadmap that is customized for your organization, helping you answer the following questions :


  • Is my organization ready to embark on the Cloud transformation journey?

  • What parts of my infrastructure/application landscape are candidates for the Cloud?

  • How do I most efficiently migrate my infrastructure/applications to the Cloud?

  • What strategic & financial benefits can my organization accrue?


Moving the business to the cloud, cloud migration, cloud adoption
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