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Harnessing intrinsic & extrinsic data

Small and medium sized business owners are typically busy running their business and usually do not have much time and expertise for analyzing data. By harnessing data that is intrinsic to the business in concert with extrinsic data, SMBs can seize on new business opportunities, improve operational efficiency, achieve better customer intimacy, better anticipate customer behavior, and allow them to strategically position offerings while driving profitable growth.

In the past, analytics solutions were designed specifically for large organizations that could afford customized data analysis programs and were inaccessible to SMBs. The emergence of cloud based analytics platforms that allow users to easily bring in data from different sources, with superior user interfaces, visualization tools, natural language capabilities have made analytics solutions more accessible and affordable to SMBs.


According to SMB Group research, SMBs are shifting from on-premise analytics solutions to cloud based solutions. Although most of these businesses currently use on-premise analytics solutions,  48% plan to use cloud-based analytics solutions among those planning to purchase or upgrade in this area. Bambucluster, in concert with our partner ecosystem, can provide a portfolio of offerings in helping SMBs migrate to cloud centric platforms that harness their intrinsic and extrinsic data.

analytics, new business strategy, identify new opportunities, strategic new offerings
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