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Securing the business

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) face precisely the same threat landscape that confronts larger organizations. Of late, hackers and cyber criminals are increasingly targeting SMBs because they often have weaker security regimes and can unknowingly serve as entry points to their much larger clients, who may be harder to penetrate directly. As hackers are stepping up attacks with increasing sophistication and expertise, the cost of an average attack has risen from $8,699 in 2013 to $20,752 in 2015, according to National Small Business Association Economic Report. The majority of North American SMBs spend just one hour a week on IT Security according to a survey by McAfee.

Small businesses may feel that they aren’t likely to be a target due to their size and that hackers couldn’t possibly be interested in what they do – but in reality, the exact opposite is true. Hackers prey on the knowledge and customer information that small businesses tend to have. Hackers also realize that SMBs have lower defenses than larger organizations, usually due to financial and human resource constraints.

Bambucluster in concert with our partner ecosystem can bring to bear best practices, security regimes and a portfolio of solutions to enable SMBs secure their technology footprint in a resource constrained environment.

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